Monday, March 07, 2005


and i'm back to real life. wake up with the chickens (not that i have chickens), take classes, write down stupid books' names, see friends and all that stuff we're all used to. first day back from this huge summer break. now that i'm studying in the morning, insted of the evenings, i have my schedule totally full. it's gonna be a really exhausting year.
i have classes on "esma" on mondays (ok, that's just because my cousin's starting to teach, but anyways), english classes on tuesdays and thursdays, and university on wednesdays and fridays, oh, and that's at night, every morning is filled with a lot of things.
enough talking about study, right?

i am so excited about this blog, that sometimes i stop and think about what i'm gonna write here next time. maybe it's just the fact that i've just started it. let's see if i'll be still like this in two weeks.

why's he (let's give him a fake name, right? what about adam? fine by me) apparently mad at me? i can't stand it. he's the one i love, the one i want to be with. actually, he's the one. he's got to know it. i'm fooling around with this other guy now, but he's not a half the man adam is (i stole that line from "10 things i hate about you").

i guess that's it. now i'll go listen to sad music and watch myself get older.


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