Sunday, March 06, 2005

i'm such a sucker for a..

hey there.

don't you wanna talk nonsense sometimes with none to listen? i always do.
i'm quit sure i need some therapy, but once that's kinda expensive, i thought an anonymous blog would work. someone once told me, and i think that was my mother, that you can talk to a can or something, tell everything you got stuck on you, close the can and throw it away, but it sounded so archaic that i just couldn't try it.

so, let's begin.

today, when i was having a shower, i suddenly realized how much i needed this blog, so i decided to start it. i've never had a diary and stuff, but it's never late to start, right? and i chose a foreign language, so that i can read it later and think i'm not that weird, as if i was another person (omg).

one of the things annoy me the most, is how we can't do what we really want. i can't drink, smoke, drive late at night, what kind of life is that? i have to do everything hiding from my parents. but that's not the worst part of it, once they're who pay for everything, give me a place to live and so on. what really drives me MAD is the way people (when i say people, i mean people in general, friends, family, and people who we don't even know) think they can analyze whatever you do. i find that really... i can't even define it. i'll try it later.

anyways, gotta go now, class tomorrow. 7am, can you believe that? 'cause i can't.


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